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Chair for Monitoring of Large-Scale Structures

Alexander Reiterer, head of Chair for Monitoring of large-scale Structures, and his team are developing multi-dimensional sensor systems to monitor artificial and natural structures. A precise monitoring enables a sustainable and efficient use of these structures and ensure the safety of infrastructure.


Measuring the world

At 12.11.2019, the Online-Magazine research & discover of University of Freiburg published an article about Prof. Reiterer's work including a german video with subtitles
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The Team led by Prof. Alexander Reiterer, Dominik Störk and Dr. Katharina Wäschle from the Fraunhofer-Institute of Physical Measurement Techniques were awarded with the Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Prize 2019 for their development of a novel process chain to detect cable ducts.
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Focus on transfer

The University of Freiburg and the five Freiburg Fraunhofer Institutes jointly established the Sustainability Center in 2015. In the second funding phase running since January 2019, the Center will be seeking to strengthen its second pillar after basic research – application-oriented research. A “kickoff meeting” on 28 March 2019 will detail the planned activities.
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