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Application & Admissions

When is the application deadline for the M.Sc. SSE?

Applications are possible from the end of March until May 15th.

Am I eligible for the program?

Unfortunately, we do not review applications as they come in, so we cannot evaluate your degree until you have submitted your application with all of the necessary supporting documents. However, if you thoroughly read our website and our selection statue, you will be able to estimate whether you are eligible for our master’s program and if the program is the right choice for you or not. We cannot predict your admission chances beforehand.

How do I submit my application?

Our application process has changed and will now be completed entirely online. Unfortunately, this aspect is not yet noted in our selection statute. In general, as of the winter semester 2020/21, all documents have to be provided electronically. We won't accept hard-copy versions of applications or any other documents send via mail. Applications via e-mail are also not possible and will be ignored. The application process is carried out by the department and university itself, so you will apply through our online application portal. To apply for the SSE master’s program correctly, all applicants must complete the online application in full and submit it electronically via the application portal. Uni-assist does not process applications for the master’s program SSE.

How much does it cost to apply?

There is no application fee for the master's program Sustainable Systems Engineering. However, you are required to provide a number of documents and certificates with your application. Be prepared that those are associated with fees and charges. 

Can I send my application documents via e-mail?

No, see How do I submit my application? 

How should the uploaded documents look like?

Applicants will be asked to provide electronic copies of their documents. Documents must be color scans of the original. In the case of translations, the original is the certified translation and the guidelines for certification apply.

How does an officially certified copy look like?

An official certification can be provided by any public body or government agency that has an official seal or stamp  (Dienstsiegel).  Examples  include  registration  offices  (Bürgerbüros)  or  the  local  registration  offices  of the State Residents’ Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt), as well as embassies and consulates if foreign academic records are to be certified. The  institutions  (schools,  higher  education  institutions)  that  originally  issued  the  record  in  question  can  also certify a copy of that record as well as sworn translators.

Which proof of English proficiency shows a CEFR B2?

Look at the list on our website.

What if my proof of English proficiency is not valid anymore?

You can only use valid scores. If your scores have an expiration date please make sure that the scores are at least valid until the application deadline May 15th.

Do I need to speak German?

Although a few elective courses are taught in German, it is perfectly possible to study the M.Sc. Sustainable Systems Engineering entirely in English. Hence, German proficiency is not required for your studies. However, it will make your life (and job hunt after graduation) in Freiburg much easier if you speak a bit of German.

Does the program include German language courses?

The M.Sc. SSE program does not comprise German language courses. However, as a student you have access to plenty of language courses at the University of Freiburg or at other institutions, some at cost, some for free. You should definitely learn German while you are here. Living in a country and spending time with natives are the best way to learn the language! And it will increase your chances for a job in Germany afterwards by a lot!

Defer / postpone my admission? Can I join for the next semester/year?

It is not possible to postpone the admission granted for one year/semester. You will need to re-apply.



Do you offer any scholarships?

Information about scholarships are available here.

How much are the tuition fees?

Information about tuition fees are available here.

How much is the cost of living in Freiburg?

Information about the cost of living are available here.

Do I have to send a proof of my financial resources?

No, not to the University of freiburg. You will, however, need to submit such a proof to the German Embassy or Immigration Office (Ausländeramt) when applying for your visa.

Can I work during my studies?

Information about student jobs are available here.



Where do I find a more detailed description of the program's content ?

If you would like to find out details about modules and courses offered by the SSE program, check out its current module handbook.

Is the course mostly theoretical or does it have some practical modules as well?

It is both theoretical and practical. Which prevails depends on your choice of lectures/lab courses. In every topic we have at first to teach the theoretical basics before going into practical modules.


When does the M.Sc. SSE start?

The M.Sc. SSE starts every winter term (October). No summer semester entries possible.

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the M.Sc. SSE is 4 semester resp. two years.

When does the teaching period start and end?

Winter term starts on October 1st, every year, and ends at the end of March. Teaching period in winter term starts around October 15th, and ends around February 15th. Summer term starts on April 1st, every year and ends at the end of September. Detailed timetables can be found here.
The "orientation week" takes place in October the week before lectures start, i.e. 8.-12. October 2018. Some events might even take place the week before.
We highly recommend every new student to arrive on time for the orientation week; ideally already around October 1st.

When does the exam period start and end?

In winter term the exam period at Faculty of Engineering starts around mid February and ends at the end of March. In summer term the exam period starts around mid August and ends at the end of September. Detailed timetables will be published by the exam office a few weeks before exam registration starts.



Does the University of Freiburg over accommodation?

Information about tuition fees are available here.

What do I need for enrollment at the University of Freiburg?

Please read all about enrollment/matriculation here. The deadline for enrollment/matriculation is usually around mid of October. Please make sure you arrive on time.


Visa/residence permit

How can I get the residence permit?

Students who intend to stay for a longer period of time in Germany have to have a residence permit. The responsible authority is the foreigner’s office. For the residence permit you will need the following documents:
proof of enrollment from the university, a proof of financing and a valid health insurance.
A residence permit for the purpose of studying is issued for a period of two years and has to be extended before the two years run out. When you are going to extend your visa you always have to show a valid insurance contract.


Career perspectives

What are the prospects with a degree in Sustainable Systems Engineering?

Information about your life after your studies are available here.