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ESYS - Integrated Energy System


Project description

Climate policy targets have been tightened in Germany and Europe, a global hydrogen economy is emerging, and potentials for removing CO2 from the atmosphere (negative emissions) are to be explored: How do these developments affect the energy transition? The working group „Integrated Energy System“ examines potential paths to climate neutrality before 2050 under these changing conditions. Based on a comparison of current energy scenarios and its own model calculations, the working group creates an overview of different pathways to climate neutrality and shows the influence of important technical and economic parameters and social preferences on the future energy supply. Which greenhouse gas reduction paths are required for the different sectors in order to achieve the German and European climate targets? Which technologies and infrastructures must be available by when? What role do changes in consumption behaviour or energy efficiency play? Which political and regulatory measures are needed by when to achieve this transformation?

Start/End of project

01.02.2021 until 30.09.2022

Project manager

Weidlich A

Contact person

Weidlich A, Schäfer M


Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften Leopoldina Union der deutschen Akademien der Wissenschaften


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