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    • Wanapinit N, Thomsen J, Kost C, Weidlich A
      An MILP model for evaluating the optimal operation and flexibility potential of end-users
      2021 Appl Energ, volume: 282, issue: Part B

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    • Klobasa M, Kühnbach M, Pelka S, Stute J, Sarfarazi S, Nienhaus K, Bruckmeier A, Springmann E, Köppl S, Guthoff F, Qussous R, Ritter D, Flachsbarth F, Heinemann C
      Bewertung der systemischen Auswirkungen der C/sells-Anwendungsfälle: Gesamtbericht der Arbeiten in Arbeitspaket 2.6 des SINTEG-Forschungsprojekts C/sells
      Fraunhofer ISI, 2021
    • Abunofal M, Poshiya N, Qussous R, Weidlich A
      Comparative Analysis of Electricity Market Prices Based on Different Forecasting Methods
      2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech, volume: 2021
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    • van Dinther C, Flath CM, Gaerttner J, Huber J, Mengelkamp E, Schuller A, Staudt P, Weidlich A
      Engineering Energy Markets – The Past, the Present and the Future
      In: Market Engineering - Insights from Two Decades of Research on Markets and Information
      2021, Springer, pages: 113 - 134,
    • Naegler T, Sutardhio C, Weidlich A, Pregger T
      Exploring long-term strategies for the German Energy Transition - A Review of Multi-Sector Energy Scenarios
      2021 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition, volume: 1, page: 100010
    • Unnewehr JF, Jalbout E, Jung C, Schindler D, Weidlich A
      Getting more with less? Why repowering onshore wind farms does not always lead to more wind power generation – A German case study
      2021 Renewable Energy, volume: 180, pages: 245 - 257

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    • Farhang R, Papadopoulos D
      How has COVID-19 Impacted Electricity Production Tendencies? An Environmental Investigation of Germany, France, and Italy.
      2021 Proceedings of the 7th Conference “Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment”
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    • Weidlich A
      Infrastrukturen für ein klimaneutrales Energiesystem: Szenarienstudien weisen den Weg
      Stiftung Energie und Klimaschutz, 2021
    • Naegler T, Becker L, Buchgeister J, Hauser W, Hottenroth H, Junne T, Lehr U, Scheel O, Schmidt-Scheele R, Simon S, Sutardhio C, Tietze T, Ulrich P, Viere T, Weidlich A
      Integrated Multidimensional Sustainability Assessment of Energy System Transformation Pathways
      2021 Sustainability, volume: 13, issue: 9, pages: 5217-1 - 5217-29
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    • Gimpel H, Krämer J, Neumann D, Pfeiffer J, Seifert S, Teubner T, Veit DJ, Weidlich A
      Market Engineering - Insights from Two Decades of Research on Markets and Information
      2021 Springer
    • Kühnbach M, Bekk A, Weidlich A
      Prepared for regional self-supply? On the regional fit of electricity demand and supply in Germany
      2021 Energy Strategy Reviews, volume: 34, pages: 1 - 14

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    • Weidlich A, Neumann D, Gust G, Staudt P, Schäfer M
      Proceedings of the 10th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics
      2021 SpringerOpen
    • Tsiaras E, Papadopoulos D, Antonopoulos C, Papadakis V.G, Coutelieris F.A
      Sustainable off-grid power supply for small settlements
      In: Hybrid Technologies for Power Generation (Book Chapter)
      2021, Academic Press, ISBN: 9780128237939
    • Wanapinit N, Thomsen J
      Synergies between Renewable Energy and Flexibility Investments: A Case of a Medium-Sized Industry
      2021 Energies, volume: 14, issue: 22, page: 7753
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    • Sauer DU, Pittel K, Henning H-M, Renn J, Schmidt C, Spiecker I, Bett A, Haucap J, Kühling J, Matthies E, Umbach E, Ragwitz M, Staiß F, Weidlich A, Erlach B, Glotzbach U, Lapac A, Seiler A, Stephanos C
      Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann – wie die Energiewende gelingt
      acatech Schriftenreihe zur wissenschaftsbasierten Politikberatung, 2021


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    • Unnewehr J
      Tracking CO2 emissions from power generation in high spatial and temporal resolution – Case study for the German electricity system
      2020 Energy Informatics, volume: 3
    • Sato S, Weidlich A
      Analysis of Avoided Transmission Through Decentralized Photovoltaic and Battery Storage Systems
      2020 IEEE T Sustain Energ, volume: 11, issue: 3, pages: 1922 - 1929

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    • Kühnbach M, Pisula S, Bekk A, Weidlich A
      How much energy autonomy can decentralised photovoltaic generation provide? A case study for Southern Germany
      2020 Appl Energ, volume: 280

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    • Tsiaras E, Papadopoulos D, Antonopoulos C, Papadakis V.G, Coutelieris F.A
      Planning and assessment of an off-grid power supply system for small settlements
      2020 Renewable Energy, volume: Volume 149, pages: 1271 - 1281
    • Schäfer M, Tranberg B, Greiner M
      Power flows in complex renewable energy networks
      In: Discoveries at the Frontiers of Science
      2020, Springer, pages: 239 - 251,
    • Hirschburger R, Weidlich A
      Profitability of Photovoltaic and Battery Systems on Municipal Buildings
      2020 Renew Energ, volume: 153, pages: 1163 - 1173

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    • Unnewehr J F, Waldl H-P, Pahlke T, Weidlich A
      Reducing Operational Costs of Offshore HVDC Energy Export Systems Through Optimized Maintenance
      2020 Energies, volume: 13, issue: 1146, pages: 1 - 20

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    • Heimsath A, Sutardhio C, Schöttl P, Nitz P
      Soiling of Solar Mirrors - Impact of Incidence Angles on CSP Plant Performance
      2020 25th Solar Power And Chemical Energy Systems International Symposium SolarPACES 2019 25th Solar Power And Chemical Energy Systems International Symposium SolarPACES, volume: 1
    • Harder N, Qussous R, Weidlich A
      The cost of providing operational flexibility from distributed energy resources
      2020 Appl Energ, volume: 279, pages: 1 - 16

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    • Schäfer M, Tranberg B, Jones D, Weidlich A
      Tracing carbon dioxide emissions in the European electricity markets
      2020 Proceedings of the 17th European Energy Market Conference, pages: 1 - 6

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    • Qussous R
      Analysis of market-based re-dispatch for the German bidding zone
      2019 Energy Informatics, volume: 2, pages: 93 - 96
    • Qussous R, Künzel T, Weidlich A
      Effects of a Coal Phase-Out on Market Dynamics: Results from a Simulation Model for Germany
      2019 16th International Conference on the European Energy Market
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    • Abdel-Khalek H, Schäfer M, Vásquez Torres RA, Unnewehr J, Weidlich A
      Forecasting Cross-Border Power Transmission Capacities in Central Western Europe Using Artificial Neural Networks
      2019 Energy Informatics, volume: 2, supplement: 1, pages: 1 - 13
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    • Weidlich A, Zaidi A
      Operational Flexibility of Small-Scale Electricity-Coupled Heat Generating Units
      2019 Technology and Economics of Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy, volume: 4, issue: 8, pages: 1 - 16

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    • Schäfer M, Hofmann F, Abdel-Khalek H, Weidlich A
      Principal Cross-Border Flow Patterns in the European Electricity Markets
      2019 16th International Conference on the European Energy Market
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    • Wanapinit N, Weidlich A, Thomsen J
      Promoting flexibility from prosumers through a generic characteristic flexibility model
      2019 11. Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung an der TU Wien

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    • Brown T, Schäfer M, Greiner M
      Sectoral Interactions as Carbon Dioxide Emissions Approach Zero in a Highly-Renewable European Energy System
      2019 Energies, volume: 12, page: 1032

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    • Unnewehr J, Waldl H-P, Pahlke P, Herráez I
      Reducing operational costs of offshore HVDC energy export systems through optimized maintenance
      2018 17th Wind Integration Workshop
    • Weidlich A, Künzel T, Klumpp F
      Bidding Strategies for Flexible and Inflexible Generation in a Power Market Simulation Model
      2018 1st International Workshop on Energy Market Engineering ACM e-Energy 2018, volume: 1, issue: 1, pages: 532 - 537
    • Papadopoulos D
      Assessing the sustainability of renewable energy sources with the combination of life cycle and SWOT analyses
      2018 Proceedings of the 5th Panhellenic Conference in Environmental Economics
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    • Voglstätter C, Weidlich A, Fischer D, Schmidinger J
      Control algorithms for electrolyzers - Hydrogen from green electricity
      2018 BKW, volume: 70, issue: 7/8, pages: 36 - 39
    • Schlachtberger D, Brown T, Schäfer M, Schramm S, Greiner M
      Cost optimal scenarios of a future highly renewable European electricity system: Exploring the influence of weather data, cost parameters and policy constraints
      2018 Energy, volume: 163, pages: 100 - 114

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    • Hörsch J, Schäfer M, Becker S, Schramm S, Greiner M
      Flow tracing as a tool set for the analysis of networked large-scale renewable electricity systems
      2018 Int J Elec Power, volume: 96, pages: 390 - 397
    • Tranberg B, Schäfer M, Brown T, Hörsch J, Greiner M
      Flow-based analysis of storage usage in a low-carbon European electricity scenario
      2018 15th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM), 2018
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    • Tranberg B, Schwenk-Nebbe LJ, Schäfer M, Hörsch J, Greiner M
      Flow-based nodal cost allocation in a heterogeneous highly renewable European electricity network
      2018 Energy, volume: 150, pages: 122 - 133
    • Hofmann F, Schäfer M, Brown T, Hörsch J, Schramm S, Greiner M
      Principal Flow Patterns across renewable electricity networks
      Epl-europhys Lett, volume: 124, page: 18005, 2018


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    • Schäfer M, Schwenk-Nebbe LJ, Hörsch J, Tranberg B, Greiner M
      Allocation of nodal costs in heterogeneous highly renewable European electricity networks
      2017 14th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM), 2017, pages: 1 - 6
    • Schäfer M, Tranberg B, Hempel S, Schramm S, Greiner M
      Decompositions of injection patterns for nodal flow allocation in renewable electricity networks
      2017 Eur Phys J B, volume: 90, page: 144
    • Künzel T, Klumpp F, Weidlich A
      Methodische Quantifizierung der Bereitstellungskosten flexibler Systemkomponenten im deutschen Stromsystem
      2017 Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft, volume: 41, issue: 1, pages: 33 - 55
    • Künzel T, Klumpp F, Weidlich A
      Modellgestützte Analyse der Bereitstellung von Flexibilität auf dem Strom- und Regelleistungsmarkt in Deutschland
      2017 Optimierung in der Energiewirtschaft VDI-Berichte, volume: 2303, pages: 31 - 46
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    • Schramm S, Schäfer M
      New Horizons in Fundamental Physics
      2017 Springer International Publishing
    • Schäfer M, Hempel S, Tranberg B, Hörsch J, Schramm S, Greiner M
      Power Flow Tracing in Complex Networks
      In: New Horizons in Fundamental Physics
      2017, Springer International Publishing, pages: 357 - 373,
    • Schäfer M, Bugge Siggaard S, Zhu K, Risager Poulsen C, Greiner M
      Scaling of transmission capacities in coarse-grained renewable electricity networks
      2017 Epl-europhys Lett, volume: 119, page: 38004


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    • Weidlich A, Schmidt M
      C/sells – ein Schaufenster in die zukünftige Energieversorgung
      Campus Magazin der Hochschule Offenburg, volume: 40, pages: 36 - 37, 2016
    • Künzel T, Klumpp F, Weidlich A, Stuible A
      Flexibility Options for Integrating Renewable Energy and Grid Stability
      2016 10th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference IRES, Düsseldorf
    • Künzel T, Weidlich A
      Methodik zur Quantifizierung der Grenzkosten flexibler Systemkomponenten
      2016 3. Konferenz Zukünftige Stromnetze für Erneuerbare Energien, Berlin , pages: 110 - 114
    • Bolivar Jaramillo L, Weidlich A
      Optimal microgrid scheduling with peak load reduction involving an electrolyzer and flexible loads
      2016 Applied Energy, volume: 169, pages: 857 - 865
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    • Papadopoulos D
      The environmental footprint in units of carbon dioxide: The Municipality of Pefkon Thessalonikis paradigm, In Proceedings of the 4th Panhellenic Conference in Environmental Economics
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    • Weidlich A
      Nachhaltige Energiewirtschaft
      Studienbrief im Kontaktstudium Energiewirtschaft, Zentrum für Mediales Lernen, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, 2015
    • Tranberg B, Thomsen AB, Rodriguez RA, Andresen GB, Schäfer M, Greiner M
      Power flow tracing in a simplified highly renewable European electricity network
      2015 New J Phys, volume: 17, page: 105002
    • Weidlich A, Hochberg U, Bessler W
      Power-to-Gas optimiert einsetzen
      Forschung im Fokus, pages: 124 - 125, 2015
    • Weidlich A, Denne, B
      Projekt "Nachhaltige Hochschule"
      Campus Magazin der Hochschule Offenburg, volume: 39, pages: 12 - 13, 2015
    • Künzel T, Weidlich A
      ÖkoFlex - Flexibility as an economic commodity in the intelligent energy system for the efficient integration of renewable energies
      2015 Science Technology Conference, Karlsruhe


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    • Appelrath HJ, Brunekreeft G, Weidlich A, Wissing C, Mayer C, Ochsenbrügge A, Schnabel SC, Tröschel M
      Future Energy Markets – Mehr Markt für eine effiziente Energiewende
      acatech Materialien, 2014
    • Dimeas A, Drenkard S, Hatziargyriou N, Karnouskos S, Kok K, Ringelstein J, Weidlich A
      Smart Houses in the Smart Grid: Developing an interactive network.
      2014 IEEE Electrification Magazine, volume: 2, issue: 1, pages: 81 - 93


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    • Weidlich A, Renelt S, Schmidt P, Sobótka M, Storace S
      Gesellschaftliche Akzeptanz von Smart Metering: Nicht ohne meine Kunden
      2013 Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, volume: 63, pages: 93 - 96
    • Briegel F, van Dinther C, Jahn B, Weidlich A, Terzidis O
      Impulse für eine smarte Energiewende - Handlungsempfehlungen für ein IKT-gestütztes Stromnetz der Zukunft
      Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie, 2013
    • Roost J, Wendt G, Weidlich A
      Preissensitivität und Kundenbindung im Strommarkt: Auf den Vertriebskanal kommt es an
      2013 Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, volume: 63, issue: 10, pages: 8 - 12


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    • Weidlich A
      Challenges for the Market Integration of Renewables with Smart Grids
      2012 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Europe Conference, Berlin
    • Weidlich A, Vogt H, Krauss W, Spiess P, Jawurek M, Johns M, Karnouskos S
      Decentralized intelligence in energy efficient power systems
      In: Handbook of Networks in Power Systems I
      2012, Handbook of Networks in Power Systems I, pages: 467 - 486,
    • Springer-Verlag
      Future Energy Grid: Migrationspfade ins Internet der Energie
      Dänekas C, König A, Mayer C, Rohjans S, Bischoff S, Breuer A, Drzisga T, Hecht J, Holtermann M, Luhmann T, Maerten M, Stadler M, Terzidis O, Plöger W, Theisen T, Wortmann F, Weidlich A, Weinmann J, Winter R, Wissing C
    • Weidlich A, Boy B, Ermakov V, Renelt R, Schmidt P, Sauer M, Sobótka M, Storace S, Wiedemann W
      Smart zur Energiewende - fünf Schlüssel zur gesellschaftlichen Akzeptanz von Smart Grids
      Policy Brief, stiftung neue verantwortung, 2012
    • Mayer C, Dänekas C, Rohjans S, Breuer A, Theisen T, Drzisga T, König A, Luhmann T, Stadler M, Maerten M, Weidlich A
      Technologische Migrationspfade in das Smart Grid
      2012 VDE Kongress
    • Weidlich A
      Vom dienenden zum intelligenten Stromnetz
      Gastbeitrag im Blog der 100 prozent erneuerbar stiftung, 2012
    • Weidlich A
      Wer viel nutzt, muss viel zahlen
      ZEIT-Online, 2012


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    • Jötten G, Weidlich A, Filipova-Neumann L, Schuller A
      Assessment of flexible demand response business cases in the smart grid
      2011 Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Electricity Distribution CIRED, Frankfurt
    • Adam R, Böse C, Bomarius F, Bretschneider P, Briegel B, van Dinther C, Drzisga T, Fey B, Flath C, Frey H, Jeutter P, Kern C, Muhs M, Onken H, Praehauser G, Rogg K, Schönberg I, Schumann D, Terzidis O, Wedler M, Weidlich A, Weinhardt C
      Auf dem Weg zum Internet der Energie - Der Wettbewerb allein wird es nicht richten; Smart Grid - Paradigmenwechsel in Deutschland
      Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie, 2011
    • Hatziargyriou N, Dimeas A, Tomtsi T, Weidlich A
      Energy Efficient Computing and Networking
      2011 Springer
    • Various
      Energy-Efficient Computing and Networking: First International Conference, E-Energy 2010, Athens, Revised Selected Papers
      2011 Springer
    • Kok K, Karnouskos S, Ringelstein J, Dimeas A, Weidlich A, Warmer C, Drenkard S, Hatziargyriou N, Lioliou V
      Field-testing smart houses for a smart grid
      2011 21st International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution CIRED, Frankfurt, Germany, pages: 6 - 9
    • Karnouskos S, Weidlich A, Ringelstein J, Dimeas A, Kok K, Warmer C, Selzam, Patrick, Drenkard, Stefan, Hatziargyriou, Nikos, Lioliou, Vally
      Monitoring and control for energy efficiency in the smart house
      In: Energy Efficient Computing and Networking, Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering 54(3)
      2011, Springer, pages: 197 - 207,
    • Kok K, Warmer C, Karnouskos S, Weidlich A, Ringelstein J
      Testes de casas inteligentes para implementação de smart grid
      2011 Eletricidade Moderna, pages: 48 - 57


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    • Walther S, Markovic I, Schuller A, Weidlich A
      Classification of business models in the e-mobility domain
      2010 Proceedings of 2nd European Conference Smart Grids and EMobility, pages: 20 - 21
    • Karnouskos S, Weidlich A, Kok K, Warmer C, Ringelstein J, Selzam P, Dimeas A, Drenkard S
      Field trials towards integrating smart houses with the smart grid
      2010 International Conference on Energy-Efficient Computing and Networking, Athens, Greece, pages: 114 - 123
    • Thomas I, Weidlich A, Johns M
      IT-Gestützte Geschaftsprozesse in zukünftigen E-Mobility Szenarien
      2010 VDE-Kongress 2010


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    • Weidlich A, Veit D
      A critical survey of agent-based wholesale electricity market models
      2008 Energy Economics, volume: 30, pages: 1728 - 1759
      Download file
    • Weidlich A, Veit D
      Agent-based modeling of oligopolistic competition in the German electricity market
      2008 Universitätsverlag Karlsruhe, pages: 3 - 13
    • Weidlich A, Veit D
      Agent-based simulations for electricity market regulation advice: procedures and an example
      2008 Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, volume: 228, issue: 2+3, pages: 149 - 172
    • Weidlich A, Veit D
      Analyzing interrelated markets in the electricity sector -- The case of wholesale power trading in Germany
      2008 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, Pittsburgh, pages: 1 - 8
      Download file
    • Physica-Verlag Springer, page: 174
      Engineering interrelated electricity markets: an agent-based computational approach
      Weidlich A
    • Block C, Bomarius F, Bretschneider P, Briegel F, Burger N, Fey B, Frey H, Hartmann J, Kern C, Plail B, Praehauser G, Schetters L, Schöpf F, Schumann D, Schwammberger F, Terzidis O, Thiemann R, van Dinther C, von Sengbusch K, Weidlich A, Weinhardt C
      Internet der Energie-IKT für Energiemärkte der Zukunft
      BDI-Drucksache, 2008
    • Weidlich A, Veit D
      PowerACE: Ein agentenbasiertes Tool zur Simulation von Strom- und Emissionsmärkten
      2008 IT in der Energiewirtschaft: Track Proceedings der MKWI 2008, page: 15
    • Heide D, Schäfer M, Greiner M
      Robustness of networks against fluctuation-induced cascading failures.
      2008 Phys Rev E, volume: 77, issue: 5 Pt 2, pages: 056103 - 056103
    • Weidlich A, Sensfuß F, Genoese M, Veit D
      Studying the effects of CO2 emissions trading on the electricity market: A multi-agent-based approach
      In: Emissions Trading - Institutional Design, Decision Making and Corporate Strategies
      2008, Physica-Verlag Springer, pages: 91 - 101,


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    • Veit D, Weidlich A
      Preissegmentierung im deutschen Strommarkt -- Ein interaktives Pricing-Konzept im Retail-Markt
      In: Interactive Marketing im Web 2.0+
      2007, Vahlen, pages: 165 - 180,


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    • Weidlich A, Veit D
      Bidding in Interrelated Day-Ahead Electricity Markets --Insights from an Agent-Based Simulation Model
      2006 Proceedings of the 29th IAEE international conference, Potsdam
    • Cames M, Weidlich A
      Emissions trading and innovation in the German electricity industry -- Impact of possible design options for an emissions trading scheme on innovation strategies in the German electricity industry
      2006 Springer Science and Business Media, pages: 39 - 51
    • Schäfer M, Scholz J, Greiner M
      Proactive robustness control of heterogeneously loaded networks.
      2006 Phys Rev Lett, volume: 96, issue: 10, page: 108701
    • Veit D, Weidlich A, Yao J, Oren S
      Simulating the dynamics in two-settlement electricity markets via an agent-based approach
      2006 International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, volume: 1, pages: 83 - 97


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    • Genoese M, Sensfuß F, Weidlich A, Möst D, Rentz O
      Development of an agent-based model to analyse the effect of renewable energy on electricity markets
      2005 Proceedings of the 19th Conference Informatics for Environmental Protection EnviroInfo, Brno
      Download file
    • Veit D, Weidlich A
      Softwareagenten simulieren Handel mit Emissionszertifikaten
      2005 Dow Jones TradeNews Emissions, volume: 10, pages: 10 - 11
    • Weidlich A
      Testing market designs for balancing power markets with agent-based simulation
      2005 Berlin Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Applied Infrastructure Research


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    • Weidlich A, Manolakaki E, Ciampa F
      Courses and Trainings in Europe – In the field of sustainable energy
      Comité de Liaison Energies Renouvelables, Montreuil, 2003
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