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Materials Selection and Sustainable Development for Mechanical Engineeering

Usability of the module:

  • Master of Science in Sustainable Systems Engineering
  • Master of Science in Sustainable Materials – Functional Materials


ECTS-points: 6 / Semester week hours: 4


Content of the lecture:

The selection of the right material is of central importance for the success of a product. The number of available materials is enormous and is constantly increasing due to innovations, research and development combined with changed and improved property profiles. So the selection of engineering materials is a dynamic process that can be of decisive importance for the success of a product or entire company.

Following topics will be discussed:

• Introduction and Motivation for Materials Selection and Sustainable Engineering

• The Families of Engineering Materials and their Properties

• Selected Concepts for Materials Selection in Mechanical Design

• Materials Property Charts and Material Indices

• Multiple Constraints and Conflicting Objectives for Materials Selection

• Materials and their Shape

• Hybrid Materials and Structures

• Industrial Design and the World of Processes

• Materials and the Environment

• Sustainability for Engineering Applications – the Ultimate Challenge?!

• Corresponding Case Studies (during the exercises) 


Content of the exercises:

The exercises are synchronized with the lectures. So all important aspects will be reiterated and studied by the intensive use of the learning software CES EduPack (Granta Design, Cambridge UK). The EduPack-Software is introduced in the first exercises and central tool of all exercises.

The students have also the opportunity to contribute their own examples or self-defined case studies and discuss them during the hands-on exercises or to solve them in a self-organized group, which is coached by the lecturer and his team.



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