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Students about SSE

Internationality & Interdisciplinarity

A key feature of the SSE master's program is the geographic diversity of its students.This remarkable cosmopolitanism affords students with a unique opportunity for intercultural exchange inside and outside of the classroom. Furthermore, the growing and global SSE network is a helpful asset for students after they leave university and pursue careers around the globe. This diversity extends to disciplinary backgrounds as well. Before coming to Freiburg, our students studied and/or worked in a lot of different fields.

That is what our SSE students say about the master's program:

"The Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE) course at the University of Freiburg was one of the best decisions of my life. I am fortunate and proud to be the first generation of the SSE family. The study gives you an overview of energy systems, resilience, sustainable materials, and information technologies, where you can choose to specialize according to your direction of interest. With an open mind, I have understood the importance of sustainability and why it should be the focus of today's study for the advancement of the future. So, let us be the change we want to see and unite science, society, and technology to improve the environment and humankind."

Ravikiran Basavaraju (PO 2016)


"SSE has been an exciting journey for me, and this excitement keeps me motivated to learn more. I am proud to be in the first batch of SSE. I like that all the professors are very good at what they do; it seems like a trivial thing to say, but I’ve learned more effectively from these courses than I ever have in the past."

Puneeth Jakkula (PO 2016)

Deepak Rupa

"I would like to tell that the course is really amazing and interesting right now. From the 2nd semester, we get to choose our own specializations and subjects which is quite interesting and it feels like we are customizing our own Master's study. Furthermore, there are many interesting subjects to choose from. I am really loving the course and I also recommended to my friends to apply for this course."

Deepak Rupakula (PO 2016)


"Full of possibilities to explore and practice sustainability, inspires students with decent cutting-edge knowledge and perspectives."

Kuo-I Chang (PO 2016)