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X-Ray Automotive Crash Monitoring

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Challenges of System-Level X-Ray Crash Monitoring:

  • To increase safety and optimize material selection, information about structural deformation during automotive crash is required not only on exterior surfaces but also within the interior.
  • Despite highly developed numerical simulation tools,  dynamic deformation paths of complex structures are often hard to predict.
  • Automotive crash is a highly dynamic process occurring on short timescales. There is not enough time to perform conventional X-Ray Computer Tomography and 3D reconstruction. New specific X-Ray methods need to be developed for this dynamic application.


Tasks for Sustainable Systems Engineers:

  • Develop integrated approaches which combine both numerical simulation and real X-Ray volumetric data to yield highly detailed information about the fast deformation paths.
  • Investigate material substitution possibilities to meet sustainability challenges while maintaining crash safety.


Related scientific projects at INATECH:

INATECH scientists at Fraunhofer EMI developed dynamic X-Ray based monitoring capabilities for in-situ observation of crash tests. Specialized reconstruction algorithms identify relevant deformation processes occurring on time scales of 100 µs. The initial work was funded as part of the FhG-MAVO fastCrash project.

Partners in Industry:

  • Daimler AG
  • Porsche AG
  • Volkswagen AG


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