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M.Sc. SSE module handbook

The current M.Sc. SSE module handbook is available here.


Exam regulations ("Prüfungsordnung")

The Prüfungsordnung is a legal document, adopted by the University Senate, which determines what students of the M.Sc. SSE must do (fulfill) in order to achieve the Master's degree in Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE). Regulations for different programs can be different; so, always make sure you know the regulations which are valid for you.

The M.Sc. SSE Prüfungsordnung is available in German here. An English translation is available here.


Exam registration interdisciplinary profile

Exam registration is legally binding. Exam registration is done by students via HisInOne.

Exam registration in case of courses taken at other faculties - usually courses of the “interdisciplinary profile” - is often not possible via HISINONE for technical reasons.

We have therefore created a form specifically for the M.Sc. SSE that you may (and must) use for the registration of exams in the framework of the interdisciplinary profile at OTHER faculties. Please use the form only for those exams that you cannot register for in HisInOne and which you have taken in the framework of the interdisciplinary profile.

Please note that all other registration and de-registration rules apply as usual. That means you must also de-register via this form and you need to submit the form on time to the Prüfungsamt.

Exam registration interdisciplinary profile at other faculties Msc SSE.pdf

Prüfungsanmeldung interdisziplinäres Profil an anderen Fakultäten Msc SSE.pdf

For more information, please read through the M.Sc. SSE module handbook (see above).


Course registration

Booking periods and deadlines for course and exam registration at the faculty of engineering are published here.

Please always deregister from courses once you know you are no longer interested – particularly if they have limited capacity or are laboratories.

Other faculties than the Faculty of Engineering may have other deadlines and rules; some faculties have not shifted their administration to HISINONE yet, so that "manual" registration (via e-mail or via a form) might be necessary. Please always check out their websites, too, if you consider taking a course from another faculty (e.g. in the interdisciplinary profile).