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Incoming Erasmus students

The information on this site is applicable for incoming ERASMUS students only who wish to participate in courses of the Master Program Sustainable Systems Engineering.

Erasmus coordinator

Your first point of contact at the Faculty of Engineering is ERASMUS coordinator Prof. Dr. Christian Schindelhauer.


SSE Master Courses and preconditions for ERASMUS students

Usually, ERASMUS students create a so-called "learning agreement" together with their home ERASMUS coordinator before going abroad. In this agreement you stipulate which courses you will take at your chosen ERASMUS University. Since this agreement is usually binding, we highly recommend you to check out our SSE module handbook in detail. This is very important because some of our SSE courses have limited number of seats available. If you wish to participate in such a course, you should in your own interest e-mail us (address see below) at least one month prior to the start of the lectures (which is either 15 October or 15 April). In this case, there might be a chance that we can reserve a seat for you. Otherwise, seats will already be allocated to other students once you arrive here and you may not get a chance to actually fulfill your learning agreement.

To get the most out of your stay in Freiburg, please do also check out possible technical preconditions for our modules/courses (mentioned in the module handbook as well). It may be that a course requires certain technical knowledge to fully be able to follow the lecturer and complete the module successfully.


Exams at Faculty of Engineering

Home Universities of incoming ERASMUS students may have different semester structures and timetables. In Italy, for example, the semester starts and ends much earlier and exams are held much earlier in the year than in Germany. Therefore, as an ERASMUS student, it is important to be aware of the examinations period at Faculty of Engineering of University of Freiburg: The examination period starts only after the lectures are done, i.e. in winter term around end of February and in summer term around end of August. Before booking your flight back home or making travel plans, make sure you know when your exams will be held! Exams cannot be re-scheduled for ERASMUS students.



Eva Otto (M.A.)

Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE) / INATECH
Emmy-Noether-Straße 2
79110 Freiburg

Phone +49 761 203 54010

Visiting address:
Solar Info Center (SIC)
Emmy-Noether-Straße 2
2. Level North
79110 Freiburg