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Corona information for the Faculty of Engineering:

Education and Research at INATECH

In our vision, the development of new technical systems is guided by sustainability considerations. We contribute towards this aim with excellence in research and teaching.

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Making solar cells commercially viable for everyday use

Research group led by Juliane Borchert receives foundation funding for the further development of solar cells for vehicles, clothing and tents, for example
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Anke Weidlich on the energy crisis in Europe

In a series of video podcasts, Freiburg researchers will examine Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine from their different scientific perspectives
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Gips-Schüle Young Scientist Award for Juan Francisco Martínez Sánchez

Dr. -Ing. Juan Francisco Martínez Sánchez from INATECH has set a world record for efficiency with his innovative EyeCon photovoltaic module and has been awarded the Gips-Schüle Young Scientist Prize for his development.
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