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INATECH: engineering science for more sustainability

Study. Sustainable. Technology. ... in a charming university town.

INATECH: develop sustainable technologies for the future, today

Five Fraunhofer institutes, the University of Freiburg and a common goal: to establish sustainability as the guiding principle in the development of technical systems.

Engineering science for sustainability

The Institute for Sustainable Systems Engineering (INATECH) researches and develops engineering solutions as driven by current sustainability challenges. Sustainable materials, energy systems and resilience stand at the center of the program.

Today’s needs and future generations are the focus

Together with partners and interest groups from the private and public sectors, INATECH is involved in interdisciplinary research projects: develops methods, models, materials, technologies, demonstrators, and technical systems that will meet the needs of today’s and future generations.

From fundamental research to industrial solutions

INATECH is an equal partnership between the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg and the five Freiburger Fraunhofer institutes. This foundation is unique in the research field, a structure that covers the entire spectrum from fundamental research to industrial application.


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Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering - INATECH


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