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Housing in Freiburg

First of all, it is important for you to understand that German universities do not provide accommodation for all students as it might be the case in other countries, and the universities are not obligated to do so. However, there are dedicated service teams and tutors that provide accommodation and/or assistance in finding one. Nevertheless, students are expected to weigh their options and look for alternatives in parallel.This is not always easy at the start of the semester, so we recommend beginning your search as early as you can.

Generally, there are three options:

1) Rooms managed by the International Office (IO)

The International Office automatically contacts all new international students by e-mail once they have been admitted. Please follow the instructions in that e-mail. The International Office works independently, so if you have any questions regarding these rooms please contact the International Office directly. Please note that this is a service provided for international students only.

2) Student housing managed by the Studierendenwerk (SWFR)

You may apply for a room in a so-called Studentenwohnheim, which we highly recommend you all to do. The website of the Studierendenwerk Freiburg (SWFR) offers lots of information in this regard. Those rooms will be allocated between mid-August and mid-September. They are limited and very popular, so unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will get one. They are also located in different dormitories all over the city. The ones closest to the campus of the Faculty of Engineering are:


  • Studentenhäuser Campus
  • Studentenhaus Falkenbergerstraße
  • Studentensiedlung am Seepark
  • Ulrich-Zasius-Haus
  • Studentenhaus Lehener Straße
  • Studentenhäuser Händelstrasse
  • Studentenhäuser Stühlinger
  • Studentenhaus Berliner Allee


There are also options for barrier-free accommodation or flats for families. Check out the website for details. As the International Office the Studierendenwerk works independently, so if you have any questions regarding those rooms please contact the Studierendenwerk directly. Please note that the contracts are usually for six months /one semester. Once you are in Freiburg you could apply for a long-term-contract with the SWFR.

3) Rooms on the private housing market

Thousands of new students will start the new semester with you in October and they are all looking for affordable, nice rooms, close to the campus. Unfortunately, the number of rooms of the International Office and the Studierendenwerk are very limited. We cannot guarantee a room for all international students. You should look for a room on the private market in parallel. Here are some helpful links:

Check out the private housing database of the International Office.

Check out the private housing database of the Studierendenwerk. To use this platform you have to register first. You will receive an e-mail with a link to follow. Log into the SWFR service portal to view the housing offers.

If you speak German, you can also check out the following websites (private market), where you will mainly find offers from students who share a flat and who are looking for a flat mate:


Some general tips:

  • If you contact a landlord/landlady, the most important information they are looking for is your name, nationality, age, reason for moving to Freiburg (studies), financial sources (student loan, blocked account, scholarship etc.), approximate rental period.
  • If you reply to an online advert for a shared flat with other students (for example on, please keep in mind that they might receive hundreds of e-mails. Therefore, your first e-mail should more be like a nice “application”, stating your name, age, nationality, study program, hobbies, rental period and what you expect from living in a shared flat (for example cooking together or other joint activities).
  • IMPORTANT: If you find an offer on the internet, never make any payment without having viewed the room, signed a contract or received the key. There are some fraudulent ads on the internet from people who ask you to transfer money before getting a key or signing a contract. DO NOT believe in luxury rooms that are cheap, unfortunately, that does not exist in Freiburg!


Should you not be able to find a room before coming to Freiburg, you can move into the emergency housing facilities of the Studierendenwerk. There will be tutors assigned to these facilities who will help you find a room.