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Exchange/Visiting Students

Internationality is an important aspect of the INATECH and the Sustainable Systems Engineering program. This shows in particular in the composition of students. And incoming exchange students further enrich internationality at the INATECH. Although many of our students are already gaining study abroad experience with their studies in Freiburg, we would like to encourage you to explore further options.

Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for a  student. It opens the door to personal growth and discovery. As you get to know a new culture, learn a foreign language, make new friends, eat exciting new foods, it is bound to boost your confidence, teach you self-reliance and stretch the parameters of your comfort zone.


Opportunities for outgoings

EUCOR – The European Campus

The "European Confederation of Upper Rhine Universities" (EUCOR) allows students of the University of Freiburg to take classes at the University of BaselUniversité de Haute-AlsaceKarlsruher Institut für Technologie, and Université de Strasbourg. EUCOR is a cross-border alliance of universities in the tri-border region ("Dreiländereck") of Germany, France and Switzerland. Students enrolled at any of the five EUCOR universities enjoy the same benefits at each of the other member universities. Above all, this includes the ability to participate in lectures and seminars without paying separate fees. For more information, please the university's Student Portal.


Erasmus+ is an education program involving approximately 30 European countries. Its main objective is to build up a Europe of Knowledge and thus provide a better response to the major challenges of this new century. Diversity is a key feature of Europe – especially in the area of education, where systems and practices vary enormously from one country to another. This diversity is a source of enrichment for everyone and offers fertile ground for innovation and creativity. Erasmus+ promotes lifelong learning, provides access to education for all, and helps people acquire internationally recognized qualifications and skills. On a more fundamental level, Erasmus+ encourages language learning and mobility. Together, we are stronger.

Your first point of contact at the Faculty of Engineering is Erasmus+ coordinator Prof. Dr. Christian Schindelhauer.

Erasmus+ "Restplätze"

You can also go abroad through open Erasmus places of other faculties (Restplätze). Here is an overview of all Erasmus partnerships at the University of Freiburg. Please note that deadlines, terms, and conditions vary between the departments. Some partnerships only allow you to take courses in a specific discipline, others are open. For questions, please contact the Erasmus coordinator of the particular faculty or the Erasmus Office.

University of Freiburg Global Exchange

The Global Exchange Programs are administered by the International Office and are open to all students of the University of Freiburg. Deadlines vary and some are up to one year in advance. For more information on destinations, scholarships and funding, and on applying, please see the International Office website.

Free Mover

You can also go to any university you like as a so-called "free mover". This option gives you a lot of freedom but it also means that you are responsible for all organization and administration yourself and that you will have to pay tuition fees. The International Officeoffers advising for students who are interested in studying abroad as free movers.

Information for incomings

Your first point of contact at the Faculty of Engineering is ERASMUS coordinator Prof. Dr. Christian Schindelhauer.

Important information about the conditions to take SSE courses for ERASMUS+ / free mover students:

  • Only such exchange students who are enrolled in an engineering master's program at their home university and who will be enrolled in the M.Sc. Sustainable Systems Engineering program in Freiburg can attend courses of the master's program.
  • Master courses of the M.Sc. Sustainable Systems Engineering are described in the M.Sc. SSE module handbook. However, not all SSE Master courses can be booked by ERASMUS and free mover students. Check out the PDF "Overview of M.Sc. SSE courses offered by INATECH which are available only under certain conditions to ERASMUS / free mover students" for more information.
  • Home Universities of incoming ERASMUS students may have different semester structures and timetables. In Italy, for example, the semester starts and ends much earlier and exams are held much earlier in the year than in Germany. Therefore, as an ERASMUS student, it is important to be aware of the examinations period at Faculty of Engineering of University of Freiburg: The examination period starts only after the lectures are done, i.e. in winter term around end of February and in summer term around end of August. Before booking your flight back home or making any travel plans, make sure you know when your exams will be held!
  • Last but not least, check out possible technical preconditions for our courses. These are mentioned in the M.Sc. SSE module handbook. It may be that a course requires certain technical knowledge to fully be able to follow the lecturer and complete the course successfully.