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Sustainable Mobile Communication

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Challenges of Mobile Communication:

  • Energy efficiency of communication net is comparable to old light bulbs
  • Data transfer of mobile communication is increasing exponentially
  • Smart phones are difficult to recycle


Tasks for Sustainable Systems Engineers:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of power electronic systems
  • Develop new ways and architectures for data transfer and data transmission
  • Build smart phones based on recyclable materials
  • Develop and establish material life cycles for microelectronic devices
  • Transfer “problem awareness” and “technical solutions” into industry and society


Related industrial partners:

  • Technology: Evatec, UMS, Global Foundries
  • Devices: Ampleon, Infineon, Qualcomm
  • Systems: Nokia, Ericson, Sony
  • Net: Bosch, Telekom, Huawei


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