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Sustainable Energy Systems

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Challenges of sustainable energy systems:

  • Energy usage has diverse economical, social, ecological and other impacts
  • Several conflicting goals must be achieved simultaneously
  • Climate protection requires severe greenhouse gas emissions reductions


Tasks for Sustainable Systems Engineers:

  • Evaluate energy systems holistically
  • Take into account life-cycle aspects of technologies
  • Carry out multiple criteria decision analyses
  • Develop renewable energy technologies and optimize the whole product lifecycle
  • Derive strategies for integrating fluctuating renewable electricity supply


Related research partners:

  • Research: DLR, KIT, Öko-Institut
  • Consulting: Fichtner, Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung
  • Utilities: Badenova, EnBW


Related scientific projects of INATECH:

  • Sustainability assessment: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy “InNOSys”:
  • Energy system design: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy “C/sells”:
  • Energy system analysis: Federal Ministry of Education and Research “ÖkoFlex”


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