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Monitoring of Large-Scale Structures

Monitoring of bridges by UAV © Fraunhofer IPM


Monitoring of Large-Scale Structures

  • Monitoring is the process of observing parameters of condition, in order to identify a significant change which is indicative of a developing fault.
  • The use of monitoring allows maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions to be taken to prevent failure and avoid its consequences.
  • Main goal at INATECH is the description and interpretation of deformations on large-scale structures (e.g. high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc.).
  • Focus is on sensor and data fusion, data interpretation (e.g. by deep learning) and mobile sensing (based on robots, drones, etc.).


Possible Applications:

  • Monitoring of tunnels by multi-spectral laser scanning
  • Monitoring of large-scale structures by drones (UAVs)
  • Automated data interpretation by deep learning



  • Measuring as precise as possible from mobile platforms (e. g. cars, UAVs, etc.)
  • Interpreting highly complex xD-data sets
  • Implementing real-time applications


Tasks for Sustainable Systems Engineers:

  • Data capturing and interpretation for risk analysis
  • Mapping for planning more sustainable infrastructure (scaled-up to cities)
  • Mapping for a sustainable operation of infrastructure


Related industrial partners:

  • Manufacturer of mobile mapping systems
  • Service providers (e. g mapping)
  • User of 3D-mapping data


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  • Design and Monitoring of Large Urban Structures (SS)
  • Laser Scanning for Monitoring of Large Structures (WS)