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C/sells - The Energy System of the Future in the Southern German Solar Arc


Project description

Commissioned for the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, who contributes to the overall project both through theoretical considerations and by practically demonstrating the C/sells concepts in a prototype area. She participates in economic analyses (design of flexibility products, analysis of market designs for flexibility trading, and evaluation of business use cases, among other topics) and develops systems for spatially distributed irradiation measurements that help improving forecasts of energy flows. In addition, the University supports the development of technical foundations for an intelligent operation and control of plants and sub-grids. Some of the concepts designed in C/sells are tested and evaluated under real-world conditions in the microgrid Offenburg-Bohlsbach, a prototype laboratory at the University. The microgrid comprises renewable generation (photovoltaic, wind), a battery unit and a hydrogen system with electrolyzer and fuel cell, as well as an electric vehicle and parts of the offices at the premise as (partially flexible) loads.

Start/End of project

01.01.2017 until 31.12.2020

Project manager

Reuter A Fichtner IT (intern: Weidlich A)

Contact person

Weidlich A


Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie